• Photonics in Advanced manufacturing-Optiwave

    03-05-2021 - Photons Canada News

    OptiInstrument Software for Characterization and Testing Automation of Devices at Manufacturing Floor

    Optiwave's OptiInstrument software is a new tool for manufacturing that can communicate with and controls a variety of instruments using Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments (SCPI). It enables remote and local communication via TCP/IP and other industry standard communication protocols such as GPIB, USB and Serial port (RS-232 & RS-485).

  • COVID 19 working from home in the Canadian photonics industry

    26-04-2021 - Photons Canada News

    In the Photonics West focus edition from March 6 to 11,2021 an article was published based on a recent survey of industry and academia by Matthew Peach, Editor-in-Chief., which revealed a mix of challenges and optimism and how the sector has adapted rapidly. The survey was done in Fall 2020 by Adam Resnick, Marketing Analyst at SPIE.

    He concluded that most respondents, 64%, agreed that the pandemic has had a significant or life changing impact on their personal, professional, or academic lives with 35% feeling less impacted.

  • COVID-19 and Photons Canada/CPIC -The voice of the Canadian Photonics

    19-04-2021 - Photons Canada News

    While still in the grip of the 3rd wave of the pandemic with the Variants of concern, we are taking a look at the activities, the successes, and the struggles that the association has faced.

    We are thankful for all the members that have supported us and are proud of the value that we have brought to them by organizing virtual workshops and webinars, organizing the virtual participation, and support offered during Photonics West 2021.

  • COVID 19 a Year into the pandemic and Canadian photonics

    12-04-2021 - Photons Canada News

    As we continue to struggle in this pandemic with cases rising all across Canada, with large lockdowns or circuit breakers in the most populous provinces, Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia.

  • COVID 19 a challenge for Canadian Photonics

    05-04-2021 - Photons Canada News

    It has been a year since we have been plunged in this pandemic and it has affected our entire lives from work to travel and the economy.

    Countries and governments have struggled to respond to this challenge and find a balance to bring us as close to normal (what we are used to in our daily lives) as possible.

    We have failed and paid the price for our failure (lives and livelihoods lost in the pandemic), but we have developed resilience and showed innovation in our response to the challenge.


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