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Photonics Integration Workshop Jan-14,2020


Photonics in Canada
Photonics Integration Workshop Jan-14,2020 wrapup

 By Nikki Bulgarea ,Ottawa, January 20,2020

On January 14,2020, CPIC has organized and hosted the Photonics Integration Workshop in Ottawa, Ontario on the NRC campus.The workshop was very well attended and has shown interest in the area of the Photonics integration area from all the Stakeholders (Industry, Academia and R&D).

It has also shown that in Canada, as in other areas of the Globe, it is a key driver in the Photonics industry, and it is the means to solve some of the societal challenges on the path to the future, offering the smart city, the  remote areas, healthcare and agriculture domains solutions for the future.

The workshop was a success with the help of all the participants that have presented their activities in the area of photonics integration and the NRC that has shown the Programs that are cutting edge as recognized by the fact that NRC Canada has made the top 10 Reuters list of Innovation in 2019.

NSERC has also introduced the Grant Program available to the Industry and academia to access funds to continue further the activities in Photonics Integration so that the Canadian Photonic remains a crucial player in the Economic landscape of Canada and the World.

IRAP-NRC has presented the longstanding work that they are doing in helping and promoting the Canadian Photonics internationally and locally through their programs.

The Canadian Photonics landscape as the landscape in other regions of the world is consisting of a few large companies and a lot of small and medium enterprises and a vast Photonics network that spans from coast to coast, as shown in the image.

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