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Digitalization and Photonics


Digitalization and Photonics

 Ottawa August 31, 2020

Digitization, Digitalization and Digital Transformation by Colleen Chapco-Wade published October 2018 is explaining the difference succinctly and clearly.


 Photo credit: "Matrix movie still" by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Digitizationis the process conversion from analog to digital.

Digitalizationhas multiple definitions, and we are going to focus on the one given by the Gartner IT glossary " the use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities it is the process of moving to a digital business."

Digital Transformationis more about people than it is about digital technologies.

What does Photonics have to do with Digitalization?

In the Strategic roadmap, " Europe's Age of light Strategic Roadmap 2021-2027" by Photonics21 an entire chapter is dedicated in how Photonics is playing a major role in the Digitalization and as such a great role in the Digital Transformation of the society.

They are stating" Unsurprisingly, photonics technologies and their advancement are underpinning emerging technologies..." and are giving some examples like: Artificial intelligence and the need to connect through sensors and communication links many of which depend on Photonics.

Internet of Things (IoT)at present benefits from photonics, and the future IoT would not be possible without photonics considering that most of the communication will be eventually be transported by Photons.

Cybersecuritythrough quantum secure communication. Quantum secure communication almost entirely photonics based.

Quantum Technologies, the emerging field that depends heavily on photonics technology.

"Photonics is at the core of a transition in computing technology that will see ever more traditional silicon circuits make way for optical computing."

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