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CPIC Workshop on June 17,2020


June 19,2020, Ottawa, Ontario

On June 17,2020, PhotonsCanada/CPIC has held for the first time a virtual Workshop discussion Group on Photovoltaic,smart cities and smart energy management.

During this meeting Photons Canada/CPIC has presented its vision with regards to how these apparently disjointed areas are fitting together as a puzzle, underlining the importance of PHotonics in the green energy sector.

A wealth of activities was presented during this workshop that show the dynamic Canadian ecosystem with major activities taking place in Ottawa, Ontario, spearheaded by University of Ottawa and NRC-Ottawa.

Possible collaboration have been identified through which Photonics will enable and address the smart cities requirements and the smart energy management market.

We thank all the participants.

We are pleased to see that on June 19,2020 in the Ecolabs(Singapore)Webinar series a Webinar "Think Canada! Green Energy" was hosted online.

Nikki Bulgarea
Director of Business development
Directeur Dévelopment des affaire
CPIC/ Photons Canada
mobile: +1-613-263-2992