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  • Photonics at work - the Rover Perseverance


    Did you know that five out of seven on-board instruments are using photonic technology on the Perseverance, the rover which landed on Mars on February 18?

  • Canadian Photonic Industry Base


    The Canadian photonics industry sector is mainly composed of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). These companies range from components manufacturers (e.g., optical elements, photonic integrated chips, optical fibre, etc.) up to complete photonics instruments and systems (fibre lasers, sensors, cameras, projectors, scanning microscopes, etc.).

    Eighty percent of the photonic companies are distributed in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, while 11% are in Alberta and 6% in British Columbia.  

  • Universities with Photonics in Canada 2020


    Canadian universities are offering courses in Photonics all over Canada and this year is no different with courses and school online.

    Illustrating this is the image Photonics in Canada.The programs offered are at all levels with Graduate and Doctoral programs.

  • Photonics technologies used in the Pharma


    The main photonics applications areMachine vision and Spectroscopy.

    In an article from 2013 in Laser Focus World by Gail Overton states, "Manufacturers of pharmaceutical products are depending on a variety of imagecapture techniques, sophisticated optics, smart networking, and laser-based inspection tools for their machine vision systems to meet volume inspection demands while maintaining product quality and traceability."

  • Pharma industry in Canada and Photonics


    According to the Industry Canada the following is the definition of the Pharma industry in Canada: "Companies developing and manufacturing innovative medicines and generic pharmaceuticals, as well as over-the-counter drug products."

    The same source is describing the size of the Pharma industry in Canada: "2.0 percent share of the global market, making Canada the 10th largest world market. Since 2012, compound annual growth has remained positive at 4.5 percent (IQVIA Pharmafocus 2022)"


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