The mission of the Canadian Photonic Industry Consortium, CPIC, is to assist Canadian companies to optimize operations and to improve profits by facilitating and accelerating the application of photonic technologies that improve quality, productivity and profitability.


On April 1st 2012, CIPI (Canadian Institute for Photonic Innovations) and CPC (Canadian photonic Consortium) has merged to create the Canadian Photonic Industry Consortium (CPIC also known as PhotonsCanada). 

CPIC is a Business-led photonics exchange organization with the objective of accelerating the growth of the Canadian industry through photonics.

CPIC's unique attributes are available to the entire industrial base, in providing expert and objective advice on how to best apply photonics to business and technology challenges, on who to work with in this exciting and valuable technology space, and on how to best leverage public support at the Federal, Provincial and local levels in such ventures.

With such photonic network of industries, R&D organizations and researchers, CPIC provides knowhow and rapid access to state-of-the-art global photonic technologies. As an efficient knowledge exchange organization, CPIC is the best vehicle for Canadian industry to manage information on the possibilities of photonic applications and to match industry needs with opportunities.

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