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ReMAP-Appel de propositions


ReMAP opened its 2016 nationwide Call for Proposals on June 29th and are looking for a new cohort of projects to be submitted by September 29th.

 ReMAP is pleased to announce a funding opportunity open to the entire Canadian manufacturing community. The 2016 Call for Proposals seeks out industry leaders in Canada to work in collaboration with research partners to develop later-stage innovation projects. New projects will enhance Canada's competitive advantage, create new highly-skilled jobs, and develop export-ready products that will yield long-term economic benefit.

Projects jointly funded under the ReMAP program must demonstrate the ability to advance innovations into commercial products by 2019.

Bring us your new ideas in:
   - Electronification (New Materials, Photonics, RF, Packaging)
   - Renewable Energy (Generation, Conversion, Storage)
   - Industrie 4.0 (IoT, M2M, Robotics, Automation Platforms)
   - Qualified projects will meet the following criteria:
   - Existence of a working prototype: Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 6+
   - Benefit to Canada: increase HQP jobs, export revenues, and new products

Industry funding: matching cash/in-kind contributions ($25,000+ per year)

Visit our website to access the Call for Proposals kit. The application deadline is September 29th. We look forward to seeing your new ideas.

About ReMAP
We leverage technology to business advantage. As new products are being launched at an exponential rate, the role of ReMAP is to accelerate the process of commercialization. In a world of start-ups, software applications, and disruptive technologies, hardware products are what differentiate the network; strengthening Canada's advanced manufacturing infrastructure.
Building on foundational investments from the public and private sectors, our collaborative model enables industry and research partners to work together to form a product-enablement ecosystem that brings new ideas to market - faster.