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Putting light to work for Canada

By improving your processes and your quality control or for the development of new products,
photonics could increase your productivity and profitability.

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A new image for photonics in Canada

CPIC is an exchange forum between industries and researchers facilitating the development and growth  of the Canadian industry
through photonics.

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Next Webinar on October 23, 2014

Photons Canada Webinar by Marc Verreault from Optiwave
The self-consistent analysis of integrated optoelectronic circuits through a SPICE-based technique"

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2015-International Year of Light and Light Based Technologies


What is CPIC

CPIC, the Canadian Photonic Industry Consortium is a business-led photonics exchange organization embracing the whole value chain from researchers to photonic companies and end-users. Its mandate is to network end-users, photonic industries, universities and institutions with the objective of accelerating the growth of the Canadian industry through photonics.


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Photons Canada Webinar by Optiwave

The self-consistent analysis of integrated optoelectronic circuits through a SPICE-based technique

VISION Trade Show-Stuttgart

International Trade Fair on Machine Visio
Stuttgart, Germany, November 4-6, 2014

Photons Canada Webinar-NSERC

Photons canada Webinar by NSERC on their partnerships programs

Photons Canada Webinar by NRC/ITC

Photons Canada Webinar by Siegfried Janz, NRC

Photonics West 2015

Date: 7-12 February 2015
Location: The Moscone Center, San Francisco, California, United States


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OPN-Oct 2014_Photonics in Canada


Canadian Photonics: The Foundation for a Quantum Leap


Obituary-Dr Jacques Beaulieu


Dr A. Jacques Beaulieu, an emeritus researcher died on August 19, 2014 in home in Ste-Foy. on August 19, 2014.  He is survived by his wife, Mrs Fleur-Ange Tardif and his children Pierre and Jacqueline.

Horizon 2020 : Canada-Europe


ERA-CAN+, an organization aiming at advancing European Union-Canada collaboration in research and innovation has organized a conference at Université Laval on September 10, 2014.  Researchers from all faculties were present.

IBM announces $3B research initiative


IBM announced it is investing $3 billion over the next 5 years in two broad research and early stage development programs to push the limits of chip technology needed to meet the emerging demands of cloud computing and Big Data systems.

Optiwave announces a new version OptiSystem 13.0


OptiSystem 13 includes many important enhancements.




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